Have you ever felt like everything you do is never right in someone else's eyes? It's as if they never have anything good to say.

This is how many of our children feel.

We as adults tend to forget how young children flourish when they are praised. "Don't only focus on what I do wrong, but tell me what I am doing right".

Praise does not need to be used only when a child has achieved an exceptional achievement but even little daily things need to be noticed, such as getting up on time, remembering please and thank you, picking up toys without mom asking or taking initiative to do something by themselves are all daily opportunities that deserve praise.

Also remember to give a reason for your praise. "Well done, I am proud of you. You remembered all by your self", or "That is a job well done, you put your toys away".

Encouragement helps children to feel good about themselves. Their self-esteem improves and motivates to achieves success.

Positive encouragement must be used on children from an early age and must be on going.

Find something good and encouraging to say everyday. There is no better building foundation for a healthy self esteem than a parent's honest approval.